How we work

  • Our experienced employees are characterized by competence and reliability.
  • We tackle new challenges with enthusiasm and dedication to keep initial training periods as short as possible.
  • Know how transfer is one of our best bids. We share our knowledge with our customers.
  • Your business remains your business: Your data and business processes always strictly confidental.
  • We work on-site with our clients or off-site in our development facilities.
  • We closely integrate in your teams and processes.
  • We use state-of-the-art technologies - in commercial as well as open source solutions.
  • Buying instead of implementing: We do not re-invent the wheel - if components are available that already fit your needs we will configure them according to your requirements.
  • We want to convince with quality and professionality. That is why we lay importance to
    • Coding conventions and comments to ease readibility of code without additional efforts
    • Usability standards to ease the usage of applications
    • Design and architecture standards that alleviate the implementation of change requests and reduce maintenance costs
    • Framework design guidelines to enhance the productivity of developers when using components and libraries
    • Use of source control systems (like SVN, GIT, CVS) as a precondition for successful team work and an effective release management
    • Uniform builds with consistent build scripts up to fully automized builds and deployments that reduce repetitive tasks
    • Use of bug reporting tools like bugzilla or JIRA

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