GNWI - Our Products

We develop and distribute scientific software libraries, components and application on our own or in cooperation with partners. We actively support open-source projects with assistance and funding. Here is an overview of our product activities:


MPAD (Mediator Probe Assay Designer)

MPAD is a professional software client application to calculate and display 2D images of DNA sequences at a certain temperature. 

GNWI.CIP (open-source)

GNWI.CIP (Computational Intelligence Packages) is a high-level open-source function library for curve fitting and data smoothing, clustering and machine learning. In addition it provides several heuristics for the selection of training and test data or methods to estimate the relevance of the data input components. CIP is built on top of the commercial computing platform Mathematica to exploits its algorithmic and graphical capabilities.

GNWI.MathComponent (freeware)

The GNWI.MathComponent Freeware Library is a freeware class collection to efficiently support a fast, flexible and automated mathematical interplay of an application’s classes and components at design as well as at run time - including a high-performance mathematical function compiler that allows efficient and fast calculation of function values of arbitrary complex single-line mathematical formulas.

CDK-Taverna (supported open-source project)

The CDK-Taverna project aims at building an open-source pipelining/workflow solution for cheminformatics through combination of different open-source projects such as Taverna, the Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) or the Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA).

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