Technical Know-How

  • Microsoft.NET platform (C#, WPF, Windows Forms, WCF, ADO.NET, Sharepoint, ASP.NET, Silverlight, VSTO, MVVM, LINQ, LINQ to SQL, ClickOnce-Deployment, MSBuild, NAnt, Windows Services)
  • Java platform (Swing, J2EE, JFreeChart, JUnit)
  • Programming languages (Fortran 77-2010, Mathematica Programming Language)
  • Relational database management systems (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQLServer, MS Access, In-Memory-DBs like Prevayler)
  • Mathematical computing platforms (Matlab, Mathematica)
  • Open-source workflow systems (KNIME, Taverna)
  • Cheminformatics open-source libraries (CDK - Chemistry Development Kit)
  • Cheminformatics open-source workflow systems (CDK-Taverna)
  • Persistence solutions
  • Encryption
  • Version control systems (Subversion, CVS etc.)
  • UML, Regular Expressions, NUnit, Ant, MVC, Scrum
  • Multi-thread architectures
  • Algorithms for clustering, machine learning and biological sequence alignment

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